Isildurs Bane is a Minecraft server from the lord of the rings mod. It was created by mv22osprey. The server also has some awesome builds such as Minas Tirith, Orthanc, Moria etc. Here are some people who go on the server and are lord/king of a realm on the server :

mv22osprey- Nickname - Manwe - Owner

glibby- Nickname - Gildor

Awesomeman2323- Nickname - GAndalf - Admin

Azog2015 (Me) - Nickname - FinrodFelagund King Of Nargothrond

RogueFirewolf- General Of The Westfold

0ddjob - Lord Of Angmar and Minas Morgul - TheWitchKing

chazrad- Youtuber

nickolien- Nickname- Aragorn - King Of Arnor

Server Ip Address -

Skrylfr - Nickname -Skryflr- Lord Of Snojord (Lossoth)

Brydon- Lord Of The Numeonors

Viseric - Builder

JustDan - Gorthaur

Edward_Blum- Elu_Thingol - King Of Doriath


You must use and have the Lord of the rings mod and have the version at 1.7.10 otherwise it will not work.

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